Friday, 16 September 2016

RIO 2016

 “Games of XXXI Olympiad”, commonly known as 
Rio 2016” was an exciting international multi-sport event which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Rio became the first South American city to host the Summer Olympics.
It was a sixteen days event which ran from 5th to 21st August 2016. Olympics is held every fours years and the main objective of Olympics is to promote friendship and harmony among nations.

More than 11,000 athletes from 207 National Olympic Committees took part. India managed to qualify 118 players for the Rio event. Female players proved to be the actual heroes of the country.
India’s performance was not upto the mark, barring one exceptional performance from gymnast Dipa Karmakar, who qualified for the finals of the vault event.
In wrestling Sakshi Malik grabbed a bronze.
Badminton player, PV Sindhu got silver medal.
Aditi Ashok qualified for golf final, and Lalita Babar became the first Indian athlete to qualify for track and field finals, 32 years after PT Usha.

What made the performers perform this way? It was indeed unsatisfactory. According to my opinion, somewhere the government is also responsible for such a performance. If we compare the facilities and equipments provided to an Indian performer and an International performer we’ll get the answer. An Indian performer is not provided with adequate, latest facilities and equipments for training. As a conclusion, both the performer and government are equally responsible for such a performance. India should take a step forward in providing better facilities, equipments and trainers to the players. May be then India would perform better in future.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

10 Getaways this Summer

Hey all.
How are you doing?

Summers in Delhi are too annoying and extremely hot! Want to escape this heat?
Here are the '10 Getaways this Summer' that won't bother your pocket much.

Budget5000 INR

Hope this helps!
Starting from my all time favourite-

Why Mussoorie?
It's is the nearest getaway hill station that touches Delhi, approx 290kms.
Pleasant weather anytime of the year.
It's in your budget place. You can get accommodation from 500 to 5000 INR per day.
You can stay at Bunkotel, which is located Opposite to Rope Way, Mall Road, if you're looking for clean and a very low budget accommodation option.


Why Almora?
On a height of 6,100 feet.
Almost 365 kms from Delhi. VERY beautiful and peaceful. 
A good getaway place for nature lovers and also pocket friendly.

Kosi river valley near Almora

Why Rishikesh?
Are you adventurous? Then why not Rishikesh?
This small city is famous amongst youngsters because of the adventurous sports, camping etc. 

File:Beaches in rishikesh.jpg

Why McLeodGanj?
Beautiful town, approx 6,831 feet above the sea level.
The most important Buddhist site in the town is Tsuglag Khang, the Dalai Lama's temple.
Like trekking?
You can take the TRIUND trek, it's a 10 kms trek (one side). 
Staying here won't be expensive.

Winter view of McLeodGanj.

The beautiful, TRIUND!

Why Manali?
The place with a lot of options and amazing weather, adventurous sports, skiing, WHAT NOT!
Approx 6,726 feet above sea level. Freezing cold in winters and moderately cool in summers.
This destination is in your budget!

Beas river and mountains as seen from Van Vihar, Manali.jpg
River Beas.

Why Dharamshala?
The beautiful and peaceful city of Dalai Lama's residence.
Dharamshala is the centre of the Tibetan exile world in India.
Places to visit in Dharamshala-

  • Mcleodganj Market Monastery
  • Dalai Lama Temple
  • Museum Dharamshala
  • HPCA (International Cricket Stadium Dharamshala)
  • War Memorial Dharamshala 
  • And many more!!!!

    Dharamshala Temple Bazar

    HPCA, Dharamshala

    7)  SHIMLA 

    Why Shimla?
    It is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh and extremely beautiful. There are still few buildings here since the British era. The famous one is the India Coffee House.
    Jakhu Temple is another eye-catching spot. It's an ancient temple, approx 4-5 kms trek from Shimla, Mall Road. It's the world's tallest statue of Lord Hanuman, a giant 108 feet high statue.
    Other eye-catching places are - The Christ Church, Scandal Point, Kufri, Himachal Statue Museum, Shimla glen, Shaily peak and MANY MORE!!!
    Also, this city is a strictly No-Smoking zone.

    8) KASOL

    Why Kasol?

    Because bro, it's KASOL :D
    It's situated in Parvati Valley. Situated 1640 meters above sea level.
    Very beautiful, peaceful Mini Israel. Kasol is at distance of 5 kilometre from holy place Manikaran. Kasol is ideal for a vacation if you want to chill in the lap of nature. The village is an open space by the banks of the Parvati River where one can spend lazy afternoons. 

    Visitors are attracted to the town because of its hospitality, beautiful environs, and wild charas, a hand-made hashish made from the cannabis that is plentiful to the area.

    Kasol is also famous for the rave parties. 


    Why Nainital?
    Small hill station famous for it's pear-shaped Lake
    People often come here specially for boating. This hill station is 6,837 ft. above sea level and weather is pleasing throughout the year.
    Nainital is also famous for it's Wildlife Sanctuary - Corbett National Park, the oldest national park in India. Best time to visit Corbett- 15 November to 15 June.

    Nainital lake during daytime.
    Nainital lake at night.

    Jim Corbett National Park.


    Why Kheerganga?

    Kheer Ganga is a small village in Parvati Valley.
    Trek to Kheer Ganga is a hilly terrain and involves loads of walking, trekking and hiking.
    Kheer Ganga has a religious significance as the elder son of Lord Shiva meditated here for almost 1000 years. Since then the place has spiritual significance for Hindu pilgrims.
    Beautiful sunsets, and a spectacular view of the lush green mountains are some of the options fosightseeing in Kheer Ganga.
    Kheer Ganga is best explored on foot as places are connected to each other via walking trails and wooden bridges.

    Aesthetic shot by my brother, while exploring Kheer Ganga. 

    Sunday, 29 November 2015

    "MOUNTAINS" My Obsession.

    Since childhood, I've been dreaming about having my own wood house in the hills.
    Being a sister of an elder boarding brother, my parents and I used to visit Dehradun (Uttarakhand) every 15 days to meet the apple of our eyes.
    I was 8-9 years old when my darling brother started with his high school miles away from me at Scholar's Home.
    I couldn't resist meeting him and being a stubborn kid my parents had to take me to him. Innocent parents weren't aware about the fact that I was more interested to visit my 'True' love - Mountains   :D
    That was the time when I started having a strong desire to be in the hills.
    The smell, the feel of being in hills is simply amazing. Words are less to describe that feeling! 
    I personally feel safer in Hills than in my hometown.
    Mountains make me feel as if I'm home :)

    "Mussoorie" a small hill station located in Uttarakhand, almost 2000 meters above sea level, is indeed a beautiful place.
    To be honest, I've visited this hill station for about 20-30 times since I was a small kid.
    It is the most familiar and nearest hill station with smooth roads and comfortable driving.

    I visited Mussoorie twice in less than a year. Both the times I went with my friends. (September'14 and June'15)
    During my first trip in September, I stayed at my friend's house at Landour. And during my second trip, I stayed at Hotel Himalayan Club, one of the finest hotels in Mussoorie, few metres from Picture Palace. 

    Cycling in the hills was an epic experience.
    Feeling the cold air hitting my face, surrounded by mountains.
    I'd never experienced this before. It was indeed an unforgettable experience.
    If you're planning your first ever trip with your friends or if it is a bag-pack trip then Mussoorie is a good choice because it's the nearest and the safest!

    'Must' visit places in Mussoorie- 
    • Gunhill
    • Landour
    • Chaar Dukaan
    • Camel's Back Road
    • Chick Chocolate
    • Lal Tibba
    I can go for like a thousand times to this place and never get bored.

    PS- Both the times, I had kickass fun! :D

    On the way to The Queen of Hills 
    Trolly ride to Gunhill.

    A shot from trolly.
    Waiting for trolly :D
    Taken from Gunhill.

    Another click from Gunhill.

    Cycling time in the hills.

    Foggy Mall Road.

    At PEACE.

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    Vriti Sehdev

    Friday, 20 November 2015

    An Afternoon at Humayun's Tomb

    So here it is, my first blog.

    I believe, summer vacations always turn out to be boring for everyone.
    I hardly get out in the ass kicking heat, so these vacations were boring for me as well but I found out a medium to kill my boredom, so I visited this historical monument 'Humayun's Tomb' which is located near Nizamuddin, New Delhi.

    Mid of May, and the sun was throwing fire balls.
    People there bothered roaming around the monument. They didn't realize licking their sweat which had travelled all over from their head to their lips, or may be they were aware :D

    This monument is so old that some of it's parts were getting re-constructed.
    It is indeed a good place for photography if you have that insect right down in your butts! 
    It took me around an hour and a half to reach my destination.

    The experience was great.
    I couldn't make it to the 'actual' Humayun tomb since it was at some distance and I was already too tired.
    After the photography session I went to the famous Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah. Couldn't take shots there. :(

    And then finally I served my tummy at Big Chill, Khan market.

    Posing :D

    Beautiful roof carving.

    My favourite!

    Best desert at Big Chill❤ 

    I hope you liked my first blog.
    Do comment :)
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    Vriti Sehdev